Retirement and Lifestyle Coaching

With today’s challenging job markets and an aging population, many difficult decisions have to be made. At Transition Plus Sustainability Coaching we help with those decisions, which range from information on current career opportunities, to skills required in today’s market, to an individual’s financial situation.

After termination through a general layoff, closure, or individual dismissal, Transition Plus Sustainability Coaching offers a comprehensive analysis of what the next steps should be to maximize day-to-day focus going forward.  This could include a change in career direction, an opportunity to retire or semi-retire, part time positions, re-education, entrepreneurial opportunities, or volunteer work.   At Transition Plus Sustainability Coaching and through our expertise (see the profiles of our executive team) we are fully prepared to offer alternatives in line with an individual’s interests, goals, and financial situation.

This is an offering that is increasingly in demand and if handled appropriately can turn an often negative situation into a positive one in a short period of time.

These program options are included in our preliminary analysis of an affected employee’s needs and skills after the first day of meetings and presented to management for approval before we go ahead with this program or career transition coaching only. All stakeholders are focused on next steps and in agreement on how we proceed over the upcoming days and weeks after termination.

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