Sustainable Career Transition (SCT)

The Program

Sustainable career transition offers an interactive process including stakeholders, management and survivors all properly coached through the very sensitive termination process.

Meeting the family within forty-eight hours of the termination, discussing future steps and how the family can participate, is an effective way of moving the search to the next level in the shortest period of time.

Showing the family how to use the technology provided, such as a web cam and other tools, and how they can effectively interact with the coach as well as the potential employer.  This not only reduces the carbon footprint and traveling time but also enhances the support required during the search process.

Dedicated counselors are available in person or online to coach the client in a fast, efficient, and cost effective search. In addition, resume preparation (our rich resume) administration and employment references are all handled by the counselor.

Proactive marketing and follow-up coaching are keys to our success and are based on a “client activity report” made available every three days.

The process includes a management program (optional) and a survivor’s package (optional) that allows for corporations to understand and participate in the search process. The management coaching program is introduced prior to any terminations and effectively enables change within the internal culture on how and why terminations occur as well as how the corporation addresses them.

The survivor's program is introduced after the termination to explain the "why" and "what" to those still employed as well as the next steps, and how everyone can participate in turning an unpleasant situation around into a more positive one.

The Result

Sustainable Career Transition allows corporations and affected individuals to benefit from reduced litigation, fair severance, and reduced outplacement fees (based on specific services/programs provided).  At the same time, SCT increases a survivor's satisfaction (through internal communication) and corporate branding as "doing the right thing".

The client benefits from company support, a management team who understand the process, family support, other stakeholder support, day and night counseling on line, a pro-active marketing plan (employment search) and follow-up.
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