Services Provided

Sears Canada Inc.
We successfully coached the event planners to help them identify additional opportunity areas and provided them with the tools and solutions to help them make their event truly green.  We also worked with key individuals on the Hotel management team and service providers to help them to prepare for the event.

Mastermind Solutions Inc.
Mastermind is a highly respected consulting group in the marketing, financial and strategic Human Resources field. The executive team has participated and successfully completed the coaching program, resulting in the right to use the SF Logo.

HRPAO (Human Resource Professional Association)
The  HRPAO participated in our program last year, and have many of their projects or initiatives completed. The HRPAO are approaching their annual recertification shortly. We are currently engaged and participating in development of a program that will download sustainability to their members.

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Client Confidential

The following are just some of the clients we have worked with. These organizations have requested their names not be used:

Leading Franchisor
We have prepared a preliminary report to their management team outlining next steps and potential areas to be examined further.

Leading Retailer
We have coached a senior management team on how to work with their suppliers in the supply chain and logistics areas and how to coach their suppliers to participate in their own sustainable initiatives.

Large Retail Branding Organization
We are close to completing a full coaching program with this major firm and will be awarding them their SF (Sustainable Futures) certification shortly.

We have started work with a major paper company, printer and financial institution and will be releasing names as time progresses.

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"...the Transition Plus Charrettes are the single best leadership development tool I have encountered in my career..."

This is just a note to thank the Transition Plus team for assisting our organization in our strategic sustainability initiative. I'm impressed with how powerful your Sustainable Futures approach is and how much we've benefited from your services in this complex planning process. Your sustainability coaches and the applied methodology made it possible to zoom out on every single detail of sustainability as it affects our organization and subsequently to zoom in on the key priority areas that can be best leveraged to grow our business. With support from Transition Plus we were empowered to turn sustainability challenges into tangible business opportunities. The Transition Plus Charrettes are the single best leadership tools I have encountered in my career.
     -Bill Greenhalgh, CEO Human Resources Professionals Association, Toronto, former General Manager, Nortel Networks.

We embarked on our Sustainable Journey with Transition Plus several months ago. We were initially somewhat skeptical as to where this would take us. In retrospect, it was one of the best adventures we could ever participate in. We were coached through sustainability and have made significant changes within our organizations and are now reaping not just the energy, purchasing and footprint rewards but also the branding. We are actively marketing Mastermind Solutions as an SF (Sustainable Futures) company and presenting this initiative to both suppliers and clients alike.
     -Maurice Dutrisac, MBA, Mastermind Solutions Inc.

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