Logo Use

Sustainable Futures™ Logo

The Sustainable Futures™ logo is the mark of organizations that are serious about integrating sustainability into their core business strategies. The right to use the logo in both internal and external communications material (both print and digital) is extended to organizations that satisfy the following criteria:

Qualifying Organizations

Consistency, Credibility and Transparency

As stewards of the Sustainable Futures™ brand, Transition Plus takes concrete measures to maintain consistency, credibility and transparency around usage of the Sustainable Futures™ logo. In addition to specifying usage criteria, a list of qualifying organizations leveraging the logo will be made available to the public, along with examples of how such organizations are actualizing sustainability (with client approval). Any text accompanying the logo must also clearly represent the nature of the relationship specified below:

"Sustainable Futures™ participating organizations have undergone a rigorous process for integrating sustainability into their core business practices. Unless specifically stated, use of the Sustainable Futures™ logo is not in itself an endorsement of specific company practices or products."

A Powerful Network

By leveraging the Sustainable Futures™ logo, you are voicing your commitment not only to integrating sustainability into your core business practices, but also to joining a network of progressive businesses, industry thought leaders and respected members of the NGO community committed to elevating sustainability practices in their respective organizations and industries. Furthermore, Transition Plus draws on the experience and expertise of strategic partners within the sustainability community to continually enhance the advisory and execution support we offer our clients.

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